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TAMEGROUTE small bowl green
  • TAMEGROUTE small bowl green


    medium bowl.

    diameter of the bowl 20cm approximately.

    Colour green.

    Tamegrote Pottery: Tradition, Authenticity, and Collaboration

    Tamegrote pottery stands as a symbol of tradition, authenticity, and originality. The collaboration with artisan Lehsan, a dedicated keeper of family tradition, has been an inspiring journey. Hailing from Tamegrote village near Zaguora, Morocco, Tamegrote pottery is a craft handed down through generations.

    Lehsan's craftsmanship is a testament to the artistry and dedication that keeps this tradition alive. Each piece bears Lehsan's unique mark, carrying its own story. Tamegrote pottery from Ima reflects unparalleled uniqueness in shape, color, and finish, transforming each piece into a remarkable artwork.

    Ima takes pride in presenting these extraordinary creations, infusing cultural richness and individuality into your space

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