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TAMEGROUTE small green plate ksriya
  • TAMEGROUTE small green plate ksriya


    small plate. diameter of the plate

    18cm -20cm approximately c

    olour green

    Decorative Use: Tamegrote Pottery - Traditional, Authentic, and Original

    Tamegrote pottery embodies tradition, authenticity, and originality. Our collaboration with Lehsan, a dedicated guardian of this cherished heritage within his family, has been a true privilege. Lehsan is not only an inspiration but also a highly skilled artisan who keeps this ancestral tradition alive.


    The art of Tamegrote pottery has been passed down through generations within a select group of artisans, rooted in the village of Tamegrote near Zaguora, Morocco. Each piece of Tamegrote pottery presented by Ima reflects the craftsmanship of Lehsan and is marked with his unique signature. Behind each mark lies a captivating narrative.


    Each creation is unparalleled, showcasing distinctive shapes, colors, and finishes. Tamegrote pottery isn't merely an object; it's a genuine masterpiece, a testament to artistry and tradition.


    Ima is proud to bring you these extraordinary pieces, each a work of art that adds a touch of cultural richness and uniqueness to your space.

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